About Brand PIONEERS

Our Mission is to
provide best-in-class sales merchandising services for Your Brand.

Brand Pioneers came to be from recognizing the lack of merchandising services available to brands - something that was needed for them to be successful in the NYC Independent Market. We also saw the importance and need for brand representation in the Whole Foods Market.

Brand Pioneers was started by Chuck Bryant in 2021 and he brings 25+ years of retail sales experience. His grocery experience began by learning the ins-and-outs of all departments and then moving up to store leadership, and on to opening stores. In between, he worked with different brands and learned the distribution side of retail by working with a sales and distribution company. Before starting Brand Pioneers, Chuck worked representing brands in-store and selling into accounts.  Learning what it takes to open a store from the ground up and working all sides of retail has been invaluable experience.  

We Work with New & Emerging Brands...

Our team works to provide all brands with the best service possible throughout the Independent Market all the way up to Whole Foods Northeast & North Atlantic Regions. We work with both new, emerging brands and those nationally established. We adapt to the ever-changing market and adjust services based on your brand’s needs and priorities.