Whole Foods Merchandising



Northeast and North Atlantic

Our team is experienced in every category throughout Whole Foods Market. Whether it’s in grocery, dairy, or produce, our 25 years of retail experience enable us to best represent your brand at store-level. The Brand Pioneers team has all worked for Whole Foods and have the relationships at store-level and corporate to give your brand more exposure and in a better position to sell and drive sales.

Better & Increased
Shelf Space

We push to get your brand in the best position to maximize sales, by increasing facings and getting you closer to eye level.

Packing Out

Keeping the shelf full is the only way to maintain and drive sales. Whether it’s for a display or your primary shelf space, we pack out whatever is needed searching the store high and low if you’re empty and then securing re-order if need be.

Ordering & Re-orders

Getting re-orders is one of the most important things for every Whole Foods brand. We get re-orders, make sure Whole Foods’ ordering system is accurate, up-to-date, and order quantities adjusted based off sales to ensure your shelf is always full.

Ensuring all approved items in Planogram are actually on shelf

We enforce what the planogram calls for, making sure all of your approved items have a tag which secures your space and ensures reorders. Once that is done, then we push to get extra facings and better shelf placement if needed.

Promo Off-Shelf

Just because you have an off-shelf doesn’t mean you are going to get a display in every store. When you pay for an off-shelf, we verify and ensure that the stores are following the correct promo plan and getting you the maximum promo space possible. Often, off-shelves get overlooked from the promo plan and the brand loses out on shelf space that they paid for.

Rotating Product

We always pay attention to expiration dates and make sure the product is rotated whether it’s being packed out by us or a Whole Foods team member. Product can also be dated if needed.

Your brand deserves the best chance at being successful on the shelf.

Connect with us to find out how we can help you achieve your retail goals.