NYC Independent Market Sales & Merchandising


Independent Markets

New York City Independent Market

We provide sales and merchandising services within the 5 boroughs and surrounding suburbs of NYC-  Westchester, Nassau, Kings, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties. This can be a tough market for a brand to navigate on their own. We have experience in this market and have met the key decision makers for the mom-and-pop stores, small chains all the way up to corporate level. 

Reporting from the Field

We use a reporting platform called Repsly where brands can see everything we accomplish on our visit, conversations we may have had with leadership for every store, every day, in real-time.

Packing Out

Keeping the shelf full is the only way to maintain and drive sales. Whether it’s for a display or your primary shelf space, we pack out whatever is needed searching the store high and low if you’re empty and then securing re-order if need be.

Rotating Product

We always pay attention to expiration dates and make sure the product is rotated during our store visits. Product can also be dated if needed.

Improved Shelf Space

We’re always look for better opportunities to put our brands in a position to maximize sales. Whether its moving product to eye level location, adding facings, or getting secondary locations we always have our eyes open looking for opportunity.

Ordering & Re-Orders

Getting re-orders is one of the most important things for every brand. We get re-orders to ensure your shelf is always full. We also push case stack deals to get larger quantity orders and bigger displays.

Presenting & Selling Brands

We utilize our relationships at store level to get our brands into the store.

Your brand deserves the best chance at being successful on the shelf.

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