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Select locations in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York

The natural and organic market has expanded in ShopRite and it’s more important than ever to have a trusted retail partner on your side who can help get you in the best position to drive sales, and take advantage of every opportunity at store-level.
Once authorized in the Wakefern cooperative, it doesn’t automatically mean you are going to end up on the shelf. Our team works with management to figure out which of your SKUs are approved within that family group in the Wakefern system, and next get those approved SKUs ordered and on the shelf.

Packing Out

Keeping the shelf full is the only way to maintain and drive sales. Whether it’s for a display or your primary shelf space, we pack out whatever is needed searching the store high and low if you’re empty and then securing re-orders if need be.

Shelf and Tag Maintenance

Making sure every item has a tag is imperative. Once a tag falls off, and the item sells out, it doesn't get reordered in most cases. We make sure the product is rotated and always check expiration dates to make sure the customer is getting the freshest product.

Adding Facings & Gaining Extra Points of Distribution

We are always looking for opportunities to add facings. Whether it's with getting extra points of distribution, or staying up to date with discontinued items in that set and taking advantage of that space as soon as it sells out. The more exposure the brand has on the shelf will impact sales. Once we gain a secondary location, maintaining it is imperative.

Filling Voids

Every family group has different approved SKUs for any particular brand. Once we learn which SKUs are approved, we ensure that all of these SKUs get ordered and cut into the shelf.


This is one of the most important things. Keeping your item fully stocked whether it's in the primary location or secondary POD's is imperative to driving sales. We work with management to make sure they're ordering properly to keep up with sales.

Improved Shelf Space

We push to get your brand in the best position to maximize sales, by increasing facings and getting you closer to eye level.

Your brand deserves the best chance at being successful on the shelf.

Connect with us to find out how we can help you achieve your retail goals.