November 30, 2023

Why it’s important to have a merchandising team during the holidays

Importance of Merchandising During the Holidays

With stores being bombarded with holiday allocations, securing your space becomes even more crucial. With all of a store’s holiday allocations and holiday staple items taking up sales floor space, on top of back stock, space becomes very limited. During the holidays, one of the most important things for a brand is to maintain current displays, keep the shelf full, and make sure your product is being re-ordered. 
We have been in store leadership positions, and the holidays in retail can be overwhelming and busy. This is one of the times when there’s a greater chance of  situations arising that can negatively affect your brand. Orders can be forgotten after the holidays and shelf space can be lost. When shelf space is lost, a decision can be made to discontinue your item. This is where a sales and merchandising team representing your brand is crucial. We are ensuring orders are not being missed, tags are in place, and shelf space isn’t lost.  We are in the store supporting you and making sure you don’t fall off the map during the busy holiday season.
Brand Pioneers is an extension of our brands and they are our top priority year round. This is the time of the year when we build our relationships by supporting stores at store-level which in turn benefits our brands for years to come.