Why it’s important to have a merchandising team during the holidays

Importance of Merchandising During the Holidays With stores being bombarded with holiday allocations, securing your space becomes even more crucial. With all of a store’s holiday allocations and holiday staple items taking up sales floor space, on top of back stock, space becomes very limited. During the holidays, one of the most important things for a…

Merchandising 101

Merchandising 101 Merchandising refers to the marketing and sales of products. The natural and organic market is very competitive and proper merchandising is one way to stay on top. That is where we come in. Merchandising has the ability to persuade a customer into buying your product over another, and in turn drive sales. How…

Importance of Shelf Maintenance

The importance of shelf maintenance is often overlooked by companies when looking for ways to increase sales. Having your product close to eye level, being fully stocked, and appealing placement of your products are all things that influence customers’ buying decisions. The goal is to grab a shopper’s attention, ultimately resulting in a sale.

Just Got into Whole Foods! Now What?

This is great news and most brands end goal! Provided the Planogram is accurate, and you do end up on shelf, you’re now just a new brand. New brands come and go and sometimes you aren’t given the chance needed to be successful. With Brand Pioneers, buyers will hear your name weekly, remember you, and we will help secure re-orders based off our years of working and trusting each other.

Out of Stocks and Ordering

It is important for your inventory numbers in the computer ordering system to be accurate and up to date, otherwise your brand will sit empty until noticed. By utilizing our relationships with leadership and buyers, we are able to stay on top of this. Every buyer’s experience level is different and human error can still play a huge part in the accuracy of any ordering system.